How to Throw a 1940s Themed Party All of Your Gal Pals Will Love

1940s themed party

Although the 1940’s had their fair share of hardships, they also taught Americans just how strong we can be. It was a period of resilience and unity – and also a time when many Americans had to let loose.

Parties in the 1940’s became quite the hit. Men and women of the 40’s would always go out on the town looking their best. The men were often recently enlisted fellows or those who had just gotten back from war, and the ladies were crazy about a man in uniform.

While parties have changed a bit in this day and age, sometimes, the best thing you can do as a party host is give guests a blast from the past!

Here are 3 tips you need to throw an awesome 1940s themed party.

1. Tell Everyone It’s a 1940s Themed Party

No one likes showing up to some sort of costume or dressed-up party without looking the part. It’s embarrassing, and it makes it hard to get into the party spirit.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to any of your guests by sending out invitations that fit the theme.

Yes, you may actually want to print invitations out for this party. Or, at least make it clear in the email invite or Facebook event that the theme is 1940s style and dressing up is expected. If you really want to help your guests out, give them a few ideas of what a 1940s theme is like.

2. Find the Perfect Venue

The next thing you need to do is find a venue. Your venue may be your living room or it could be a local bar/event space in town that you rent out.

Transforming your personal space into a 1940s setting isn’t impossible, but it’s definitely a lot harder than using an actual party venue. When you book a venue, though, you’re able to coordinate with the owner/manager.

This allows you to get every little detail right. It also helps you to enjoy the party on the day-of rather than handling all the hosting responsibilities.

3. Dress the Part

The final way to bring your 1940’s party idea to life is to dress the part!

The ladies in the 1940s definitely knew how to dress. They always went out with their hair and makeup done, and they wore fully-accessorized outfits, too. These outfits may be long, flattering dresses or they could be some sort of pin up clothing.

Keep in mind that the hair and makeup trends of the 40’s aren’t exactly as they are today. You may want to take the time to research how to pin your hair or go out and find the perfect red lipstick color.

More Ways to Celebrate Birthdays and Holidays

It’s one thing to know how to throw a stellar 1940’s themed party and another to be able to tell when this is appropriate! A 1940’s party would be a fun way to celebrate someone’s 40th birthday or maybe their 50th as a way to say goodbye to their 40’s.

It’s also a fun excuse to get friends together just because.

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