3 Good Reasons to Buy a Police Scanner

police scanner

You’ve probably seen a police scanner in the movies: the radio-like device police and law officials use to communicate with each other. Forest fires, domestic disturbances, and car accidents are all broadcasted across police scanners.

In certain movies, you may even catch vigilante characters tuning in to try and intercept the police or do their work for them. Police scanners actually provide a lot of benefit in the home, all vigilantes aside.

Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from keeping a police scanner handy!

3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Police Scanner

Whether you’re interested in learning what happens when the sun goes down or eavesdropping on criminal activity, keep reading!

The police scanner is a nifty device that is legal in many states and provides many modern benefits. You can think of it as the ultimate cordless phone to the people in charge.

1. Keep Up with Weather Conditions and Potential Danger

Protecting your family is a lot easier when you’re in the know. Checking weather apps and county websites for updates can help prevent trouble or danger in your home.

A police scanner, however, puts you right in the action with local updates broadcasted regularly. If your city is on high-alert from a potential threat, you’ll be the first to hear how events unfold.

Police scanners let regular civilians keep up with law enforcement in real time. The exception is when law enforcement believes the information broadcasted will compromise their plan.

In this circumstance, police scanners will go dark or communication will be encrypted.

2. Regular Entertainment

There was a time in America when the radio was the most popular form of entertainment. The 1930s was the golden age of radio, with 60% of households having one in the home.

Families would gather around the radio instead of the TV. Today, people can have this same entertainment in their home by tuning into exciting news on the police scanner.

The whole family can enjoy getting in on the action and learning about what exciting things are happening right in their neighborhood.

3. Multiple Channels for Every City

If you’re looking for the best digital police scanner out there, then you’re likely looking into a several-hundred-dollar investment. And you should only settle for the best. Some pricier scanner models allow much more function and range.

However, most will let you pick up and travel with it, allowing users to manually enter a new zip code or area code. If you’re making an investment this large, whether for safety, entertainment or both, this is an excellent feature.

Say you pick up and move states: you won’t need to buy a new scanner with a different set of codes to access local news. And you may even be able to tune in to the cities while you cross through.

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