How to Choose the Best Cordless Phone for Your Household

boss calling on cordless phone

Despite the cellphone revolution, a whopping 43.8% of American households still own landlines.

That reality is due in part to cable bundling and also, is due to the fact that many people still like their friends and family members to be able to contact a central household number.

If you’re among the millions who still see the value in owning a home phone and are in the market to pick up a new cordless phone for your family, you may be asking yourself how you can be sure to get the best one.

Here are some simple things to consider to ensure you come away with the best cordless phone during your next shopping trip!

How Many Extensions Do You Need?

If you have a small home with 2 people in it, you’ll probably only need a single handset phone. If you have a large home with multiple people, you’ll want cordless phone extensions spread throughout your house.

Many of the best cordless phones that are designed for multi-handset use come with multiple extensions in their packaging. Others will require you to buy each extension separately.


Is your family looking for caller id with their phone? A headphone jack? Speakerphone?

Remember, not all cordless phones are created equal.

Decide on what features are essential to your household and only shop phones that fit the bill.

Accessibility Features

If you have someone in your home that struggles with disabilities, you’ll want to make sure you find a cordless phone that’s prepared to bridge any usability gaps.

For example, some cordless phones have visual ringers for people who are hard of hearing. Others have talking caller ID for people who can’t read small screens.

AC Required vs Battery Options

Your cordless phone receiver will need a wall outlet in most cases to work. This may present issues from some households with limited outlet space.

Alternatively, you could purchase a cordless phone system that has battery compartments and could work without being plugged into an outlet.

Be careful when using battery power as a primary means of powering your cordless phone system. You don’t want to run into a situation where your phone is dead in the wake of an emergency.

Know Your Seller’s Return Policy

At the end of the day, there’s no better way to determine what the best cordless phone is than actually trying out the phone you’re considering first-hand. For that reason, be sure to understand what your seller’s return policy is.

There’s nothing worse than purchasing a product, not liking it, and being stuck with it.

Wrapping Up How to Choose the Best Cordless Phone

There you have it! Actionable tips that we believe will help you filter through your options and allow you to find the best cordless phone for your family.

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