Best Friend Gifts: Top 5 Unique Gifts Your BFF Will Love

Women thrive with supportive friendships, but did you know that having female friends can actually save your life?

Best friends get you through heartbreaks, loss, and times of doubt. This strong, loving bond goes far beyond emotional health, though. One study reported that women who have many good friends are less likely to die from cancer.

It’s clear that your best friend does it all. Chances are, she’s also a woman who already has it all. So what could you give her that shows how much you appreciate her?

You can stop stressing now. This article is going to give you five unique best friend gifts that will blow her away.

1. Best Gifts for Best Friends Who Are Adventurous: A Monthly Subscription Box

The possibilities for this gift idea are endless! There are dozens of subscription services out there that make it easy to find one service your best friend will love.

If your friend loves wine, you could sign her up for a subscription that delivers a new bottle of wine to her door each month. From trusted vintage wines to creative, hip blends, your friend is sure to have a blast sipping her way through vineyards across the world.

If your friend loves learning about new cultures, you could buy a subscription that sends a box filled with fun items from one country each month. She can sample snacks, read about the culture, and collect souvenirs.

There are also beauty boxes on the market. Your friend could receive dozens of samples of all the hottest new beauty products. You never know, she may fall in love with a few products that revolutionize her beauty regimen!

For friends who love experimenting in the kitchen, you could spice up their life with a meal subscription service. They can try all kinds of new cuisines and cut back on prep time for each meal. There are meal boxes available for any kinds of dietary restrictions.

2. Gift Ideas for Best Friends Who Love Simple Joys: A Personalized Flower Arrangement

Your best friend may not need anything in her life, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy her a gift. What better way to say “I love you” on her special day than with a gorgeous bouquet?

Sometimes, it’s all about the gesture. Flowers aren’t the most flashy gift you could buy, but there’s a reason why people have been giving each other bouquets for centuries. Their timeless beauty, their sentimental value, and their soft aromas fill everyone’s heart with warmth and love.

Flowers are also a lovely idea for long-distance friendships. This website lets you send personalized bouquets all around the world! You also have the option to add cakes, perfumes, and gift baskets to your order if you really want to spoil your best friend.

3. Thoughtful Best Friend Gifts: A Spa Basket

Women work hard and always look out for their loved ones. Sometimes they don’t spend enough energy taking care of themselves. One of the most useful best friend gift ideas is a basket filled with all kinds of spa goodies can help your friend finally get the “me” time she deserves.

Bath bombs, face masks, candles, body scrubs, organic lotions and shampoos, and a neck pillow are all great options to include in your spa kit. Your best friend can soak all her stress away with this spa basket.

Another creative addition is an aromatherapy kit.

If your friend has a busy job, has trouble sleeping, or is wound up often, aromatherapy could be the simple solution she’s been looking for. It may sound far-fetched, but aromatherapy has been proven to improve sleep, decrease stress, and boost mood among many other health benefits.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could even create a relaxing playlist for her to listen to while she enjoys her relaxation time. This small detail will show her how much thought you put into her gift.

4. Gifts for Your BFFs to Enjoy Together: A Special Evening or Trip

Sometimes, quality time is the best gift you can give someone. If you want to treat your entire squad to a special celebration, there are plenty of events that can be planned depending on everyone’s budget, schedule, and tastes.

One fun idea if you live near water is to take a dinner cruise where you can drink, enjoy a delicious meal, dance, and take in the scenic views. Dinner cruises provide plenty of opportunities to snap the perfect photos to commemorate your girls’ night.

If you have more flexibility in your budget and time, a weekend getaway to Vegas or the Bahamas could be the most unforgettable trip your friends have ever taken. If you and your girlfriends need some serious bonding and relaxation time, a yoga retreat could help restore the balance in your lives and help you bond in ways you never have before.

The possibilities are endless! Ultimately, your plans boil down to what everyone would enjoy most together.

5. Gifts for Best Friends Who Are Homebodies: A Cozy Blanket and Pajamas

Every woman needs an introvert in their inner circle. Introverts are thoughtful, warm, and loyal once you get to know them. If your best friend cherishes her quiet time to recharge, you can help her relax with some cozy gifts.

A soft pair of pajamas can elevate your friend’s downtime. Who doesn’t feel incredible when they get to take off their tight, uncomfortable clothes they wear in public and slip into their loungewear?

Another thoughtful gift is a plush blanket that she can cuddle up with on the couch when she watches her favorite show. If you want to add a personal touch, many companies can sew names, dates, or other thoughtful messages into blankets.

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