Business Attire for Women: A Guide for Modern, Working Women

business attire for women

Every woman wants to be taken seriously in the workplace. Women account for 47% of the American workforce. Yet many women who work in office/professional environments still feel outnumbered and even overlooked.

One simple way to command respect and look like the professional you are is to dress the part.

Not quite sure how to do that effectively? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at a few tips on proper business attire for women.

Proper Business Attire for Women

The basic rules of business fashion haven’t changed much over the years. For the most formal looks, a conservative style is proper. Choose classic subdued colors like black and white, navy blue, or other neutral tones. Also, avoid flashy looks like big heavy jewelry, visible tattoos, or super tight clothing.

Many women (especially petite ones) feel they need to wear heels to have a more commanding presence. In reality, a commanding presence is more about attitude than it is about height.

If you enjoy wearing heels, choose a medium or low height. Super high heels are often frowned upon in the business world. Plus, they will be more comfortable for you. But don’t feel constricted, you can also stick with a pair of cute flats if you prefer.

Bright Colors

In a more informal environment, or business casual, you can show a little more personality with color. A bright dress, the color of an orange traffic cone, might not be the best idea still.

But you can add colorful accents that flatter your skin tone. A cute blouse, a scarf, and jewelry are all great ways to spice up your look. Just be sure they don’t get in the way if you need to wear lanyards by Lanyardsfactory at work.


Choose high-quality fabrics like linen and silk. Not only will your clothes last longer, but also quality clothing makes a better impression. Plus, nice fabrics tend to be more comfortable and you will have to wear them all day.


The absolute best way to ensure that your outfit looks fabulous is to have it tailored to your body. Women come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes machine made clothes just can’t flatter your body the way you want.

Feeling good about your appearance is one of the best confidence boosters out there. Tailoring your clothes is what you need to take things to the next level.

To save on tailoring costs you can learn some simple tailoring techniques yourself. But for more complicated tasks, consider visiting a professional tailor for best results.

A Note On Skin

Showing a bit of extra skin can get you some extra attention but not in the way you want. It’s completely fine to choose looks that flatter your body and that make you feel confident. But taking things too far can undermine your attempts to be taken seriously.

Save the short skirts and sexy blouses for going out on the town. If you’re ever in doubt about the work appropriateness of a piece of clothing, it’s best to pass it up.

Choose Your Style

Now that you know a bit about the basic rules of business attire for women, you can choose your style. While the rules may seem strict, there are plenty of creative ways to add accents to your look that show off your personality.

Have fun with it! And don’t forget to check out our blog for more fantastic fashion advice.