Wearing Your Baby: 4 Tips for Safe Babywearing

Baby carriers have been used in a lot of different ways throughout history. With today’s technology, a lot of improvements have been made for comfort and safety.

With this said, you still need to learn the tips and tricks that will make wearing your baby easy and comfortable.

Start with these four tips and shop around for the right baby carrier.

Care For Your Little One’s Neck

You need to care for your baby’s neck and back when using baby carriers the same as you would when holding them with your hands.

Your baby is still developing the muscles to support their own neck, and you don’t want to accidentally hurt them by not keeping the baby snug. When wearing your baby, keep them stable in the sling, while also taking the time to hold them in your hands, rather than letting the baby bounce around.

Shop For the Best Baby Carrier

Since there are so many baby carriers on the market, you need to do what you can to find the best available.

First of all, look into safety ratings to be sure that the sling has the support needed. Shy away from carriers that have been recalled or negatively reviewed due to safety issues.

You will also need to try it on to be sure you’re buying one you’ll feel comfortable wearing. If it’s painful or uncomfortable, don’t force it — simply keep shopping until you find one that suits your body type and preferences.

Further, take the time to also look into prices for these carriers, since they vary greatly.

Wear it Regularly to Get Used to the Carrier

Don’t expect the baby carrier to be perfect just because it’s a great buy. Even the most sturdy, comfortable carriers involve some sort of learning curve.

Sometimes it’s more about wearing any baby carrier, rather than thinking you bought a bad one. You’ll need to condition yourself to wear your baby so that you get used to it and develop the right muscle memory.

Most importantly, wear the carrier during relaxing situations around the house or for common errands, so that you’re not scrambling when you really need it.

Don’t Expect the Carrier to Do it All

Think of the carrier as a tool, rather than the end all, be all.

You need to still watch where you’re going and what you’re doing while minimizing risk. For instance, don’t think that it’s fine to hold coffee in your hand just because you have a baby carrier.

Watch out for obstacles just as you would without a carrier, and make your baby’s safety the highest priority.

Find the Best Carrier to Start Wearing Your Baby

Once you use these tips, you’ll have a good foundation for wearing your baby.

Now that you understand some tips for using a baby carrier, you will want to actually shop around and buy one.

You’ve got a lot of options, so shop to your heart’s content.

In the meantime, check out our site for more tips for moms and women as a whole.