Self-Employed Benefits: The Advantages of Being Your Own Boss

self-employed benefits

The number of self-employed Americans could triple by the year 2020. Many people are starting to realize the benefits of being self-employed.

Although self-employment is not without significant challenges, you cannot put a price on the sense of satisfaction of being your own boss.

Not everyone has the ability to switch from the comfort of a nine-to-five to live the entrepreneurial dream.

But for those are willing to make the jump into independence, the self-employed benefits are many! Let’s go!

1. Freedom and Control

You’re the boss! You have the ability to make important decisions about the future of your company.

You no longer only make decisions about your department or within the limits of your job descriptions.

2. Flexible Hours

You can choose when you want to work. You no longer have the commute to the office with everyone else. You can choose to have a late start or an early finish.

This allows you to have work-life balance to optimize both your career and personal life.

3. The Adventure

You have the opportunity to adventure into different markets and niches which otherwise would be shut off to you. Maybe you decide you need to learn about coding for your company’s website, improve your knowledge of psychology, or learn how to create pay stubs.

You learn about new skills that wouldn’t normally relate to your job. When you’re your own boss, your curiosity and passion can lead you to wonderful adventures.

4. Sense of Achievement

The most many employees can hope for is to receive “the employee of the week” award. Maybe you’ll get a pay-rise and a pat on the back.

But, as a self-employed entrepreneur, if your company is successful, you reap the benefits yourself. This provides you with the sense of achievement and satisfaction that cannot be rivaled.

5. Employment Security

You always know that your employment security is attached to the successes and failures of your company. Even in times of hardship, you can always take matters into your own hands and get the company on the right path again.

As an employee, you never know when you’re going to show up to work one day and receive the news that you’re being “let go.”

6. Early Retirement

Many self-employed people save up enough money to be able to retire early. You need to make sure you contribute to your retirement funds over your company’s lifetime.

Even if you’re not able to retire, because you’re the boss, you can gradually reduce the hours you work as you pass on your company to someone else.

Self-Employed Benefits

Now you know the self-employed benefits, it’s time to consider becoming your own boss today.

Don’t expect it to be an easy ride to success. But if you’re willing to overcome the challenges, you can be confident that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

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