Marijuana Magic: The Benefits of CBD Lotion for Your Skin

cbd lotion

As of September 23rd, we have entered the season of fall. It’s a great time of the year — we can look forward to cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters, pumpkin patches, and family holidays. But as we approach winter, we also need to worry about the effect colder weather has on your skin.

Chilly winds can cause discomfort, not to mention chapped lips. And we’ve all forgotten our gloves at home only to end the day with achingly cold hands. When regular lotion just doesn’t cut it, you might want to reach for CBD lotion to give your skin some relief.

Why You Should Stock Up on CBD Lotion

CBD is a chemical compound derived from the marijuana plant. Though the science behind CBD’s benefits is young and constantly evolving, most professionals agree that the chemical has several health benefits.

You can buy CBD in an oil form, but you can also find it in creams, pills, and even FDA-approved prescription medications. Here are a few reasons a CBD lotion should be your next addition to the medicine cabinet.

1. Pain Relief

CBD may help those who suffer from chronic pain, according to a recent study. A topically-applied CBD cream may especially help those with arthritis or other conditions where joint and muscle pain is aggravated by cold temperatures. While the lotion keeps your skin feeling great, the CBD oil can go to work soothing the pain beneath the surface.

2. Skin Health

We continue to learn more about CBD’s medicinal benefits. Recent studies revealed that CBD contains fatty acids — the “magic” ingredient of many anti-aging treatments and skincare regimens. These good fats work at a microscopic level to keep you looking young and healthy.

Medically, we know that fatty acids are a necessary component to good skin. Your cell membranes need fatty acids to stay strong and build up a good oil barrier. These acids may also reduce sun sensitivity and work to lessen inflammation.

3. Reduced Cancer Risk

Laboratory tests indicate that CBD oil may have anti-cancer effects in animals. These tests haven’t yet expanded to include humans, so we don’t know for sure what effect CBD oil has on human cancer risk.

But if the current scientific research is any indication, you might want to add a CBD lotion to your sunscreen routine to prevent skin and other cancers. The fatty acids may at the least help reduce your sun sensitivity, as mentioned above — and we all know the first step toward preventing skin cancer is UV protection!

The Cutting Edge of Health

The medical world discovers new CBD benefits all the time. Be modern in your approach to skin care by trying out CBD lotion in your skincare routine. And talk to your doctor or dermatologist, too — he or she may have some tips on how to best manage any wintertime skin blues.

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