The 10 Undergarments That All Women Should Own

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The topic that every woman loves talking about: undergarments. Beyond the fact that this topic is embarrassing, there are debates over wearing bras and other common underwear issues.

But did you know there are certain undergarments every woman should always own?

Yes, we all love shopping and buying the pretty lingerie that’s irresistible to your lover. But those granny panties you wear during that time of the month may be more beneficial than you think.

Here are the top 10 ladies undergarments all women should own. After you read this article, take a look in your underwear drawer and make sure you have the necessities!

1. T-Shirt Bra

Before we get into the bras, the debate over whether or not to wear a bra is 100% a woman’s choice. But if you are the pro-bra type of woman, the next few points will cover the type of bras you need to own.

One of them is the t-shirt bra. These should be a staple in your bra drawer. These are the full-coverage, lightly padded bras that boost comfort more than cleavage.

Wear them with your favorite t-shirt.

2. Convertible Bra

Are you the type of lady who doesn’t wear a bra with a halter top or a backless dress? We don’t blame you. But if the girls need a little more protection, you’ll benefit from a convertible bra.

These bras have different strap options to match a myriad of different shirt styles. Some are even little cups that adhere to your skin and keep the boobs up.

3. Plunge Bra

We all know the struggle — we have that cute (and very naughty!) super low-cut top that we can’t wear anywhere because every bra sticks out.

Fortunately, they make bras for these tops. They’re called plunge bras. The bra sits low on your bust.

But the bra has curved cups to give your breasts extra protection — and cleavage. These bras are also very comfortable and can be worn with all of your low-cut tops.

Plunge bras come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

4. Camisole with Support

Do you hate bras but the girls need some support? Another option is camisoles made with bra cups. These camisoles can be worn under any shirt. The extra bra cups or fabric will provide enough support without dealing with a bra.

Do you hate wearing a bra under a camisole? This looks bulky and the bra usually shows through the cami. Kill two birds with one stone and wear a camisole with bra cups.

5. Incontinence Underwear

Eeek! No woman wants to think about having an accident in her underwear. But you don’t have to be a grandma to have a bladder leak.

A variety of life events, such as pregnancy and motherhood, can result in bladder leaks. This site explains it all.

So what happens if you’re prone to surprise pee pee? Keep incontinence underwear in your drawer. Fortunately, more brands are releasing adult diapers that, well, look a lot cuter than adult diapers.

6. Full Slip

We all see the old movies where the actresses are getting ready for their night out.

To keep it classy, they’re wearing a full slip and change into one of their lovely gowns. But do you actually own a full slip? And do you think of wearing one underneath your clubbing dress?

Keeping a full slip in your underwear drawer isn’t a bad idea. Lots of different materials and trends call for sheer fabric. A slip can hide all of your intimates and is totally concealable under a dress.

7. Shaping Slip

What if you want a full slip but don’t want it to look drab? Slips are now made to accentuate your figure and even boost a smaller figure. These slips can be worn under your sexiest dress and even casual clothing.

Shaping slips are made in a variety of styles — you can shape your belly or even your full figure. These slips are totally concealable, won’t slip out of your clothes, and will cover up your intimates.

8. High-Waisted Panties

When shopping for underwear, you make a b-line for the sexy thong section, right?

As much as you hate the idea of buying high-waisted granny panties, you should always keep a few spare pairs in your underwear drawer. And no, not to wear during that fateful time of the month.

High-waisted panties fit all body types, most are made of cotton (which is the preferred panty material), and are extremely comfortable.

9. Shaping Panty

Rather than shape your belly, would you rather shape your behind? The same technology in the shaping slip is available in panty form. These panties will improve the appearance of your hips, upper thighs, and the bum.

You can even buy high-waisted shaping panties to smooth out your tummy and the rest of your goods. Like with all shaping undergarments, the panties are totally concealable under your favorite jeans and trousers.

10. Boy Shorts

The infamous boy short. These panties are comfortable and adorable — the impossible underwear duo. And they make your booty look cute. So it’s no wonder why these panties should be a staple in your underwear collection.

Do you want to step up your boy short game even further? Buy a seamless pair.

This way, you can wear your boy shorts under your favorite yoga pants without seeing the seams from underneath. Your mind is blown, right?

Let’s Go Ladies Undergarment Shopping

Is your underwear drawer filled with thongs or granny panties? Or do you prefer commando over everything?

You can wear whatever underwear your heart desires. Whether you fill your underwear drawer with plain panties or one-of-a-kind lingerie pieces, underwear is a vital wardrobe staple.

But there are a few essential ladies undergarment pieces that all women should own. There are bras to wear, slips to slip on, and seamless panties that are hidden under your yoga pants.

Whether you collect or burn bras, hopefully this list helped you.

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