Stay Cool (Without Being Cold) with These Winter Work Outfits

winter work outfits

Unfortunately, it’s tough to find the balance between professional and warm when planning a winter work outfit. Men usually just throw on a suit, but us ladies feel like we have to suffer freezing temperatures with pencil skirts and t-shirt blouses.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can finesse professional and cute winter work outfits that will also keep you warm on the coldest days. Keep reading to find out how.

Try Things On First

While online shopping is definitely the preferred method nowadays (79% of Americans now shop online), shopping for winter work clothes might be the time to skip that. Online, you can’t really tell if the material is going to work for the winter months.

Take the time to go into a store to try on outfits. This will help you really get a feel for the material of an item and whether it’s going to keep you warm during the winter.

Visual merchandising software tells us that in-person shopping is far from dead: store associates are still essential for making sales. This means they’ll be attentive and helpful with you when trying to find appropriate (and cute!) clothes for winter.

Winter Work Outfits: Some Ideas

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the actual outfit tips.

Lined Leggings

Wearing stockings underneath skirts and dresses is the common choice during the winter. But when’s the last time stockings actually provided any sort of warmth? They’re usually flimsy and a pain to put on, anyway.

Switch those for some plain black leggings that are lined inside. These will maintain a professional look while providing you with warmth so you don’t arrive at the office with icicles for legs.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layers will keep you warm on your commute and prevent you from overheating in the sauna that is your office. Get a professional work jacket and layer that with a cardigan or a blazer over a blouse.

A Nice Jacket

The jacket you throw on over the weekend to run and get your Sunday take-out should be different from the jacket you wear to work. Consider a tailored coat for work: these are sleek and will go with any outfit.

Dresses with Sleeves

Dresses are a staple piece of work clothing, but the days of sleeveless dresses faded away with the last day of autumn. Look for dresses with sleeves to keep you both warm and professional during the winter months.

Change of Shoes

If you like wearing nice heels to work, they might not be great for the commute through slush, snow, and freezing temperatures. You also don’t want to be teetering in heels when walking on black ice or slippery snow: that could result in a dangerous fall. No fashion is worth risking your health.

There’s no shame in wearing practical winter boots for on the way to work and then changing into professional work shoes when you arrive at work.

Final Thoughts

You can keep your personal and professional style during the winter by making a few adjustments. Winter work outfits aren’t that different from work clothes during the rest of the year: dresses without sleeves to dresses with sleeves, one layer to two, etc.

Need more outfit inspiration? Check out these tips from some of the top fashion experts out there.