How to Use Casual Watches to Express Your Unique Sense of Style

casual watches

Luxury watches may look great on the big screen or in the boardroom.

However, with the increased focus on street style and more laid-back dressing, casual watches are decidedly back in fashion.

Not only do more dressed-down watches allow you to take advantage of a lower price point, but they’re also an awesome way to express your personal style.

So, what is the proper way to wear a watch when you want to make a unique fashion statement?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

Play around with Face Design

Casual watches are all about having fun — not shoving designer names in the faces of everyone who takes a quick glance at your wrist.

Wearing a watch in today’s world means not shying away from bold, colorful, and printed faces. For example, look for a watch that allows you to customize its face with a picture of your pet, your favorite celebrity, or even the mascot of your beloved sports team.

You could also look for a casual dress watch that has a funny phrase on the face, like “I’m already late,” or “It’s showtime.”

Don’t be afraid to get colorful when it comes to bands, too. Stripes, funky prints, and shapes (even retro, ironic patterns) are certainly here to stay.

Look for watches that allow you to swap out the band to better accentuate your outfit.

Don’t worry about being too “matchy-matchy,” either.

Especially when it comes to accessories, a little pop of color or an intentional clash of prints can be lots of fun.

Go for a Unique Material

Sure, mixed metals and leather straps will always be in fashion when it comes to both casual watches and more luxury brands.

But now, fashionistas are more interested in surprising materials.

In today’s world, watches that are made of wood, plastic, and even meteorite are all the rage.

Metal isn’t the only durable and fashionable material on the watch market anymore. Now, people are looking for something more exciting — think of the watch as a new kind of conversation starter.

To learn more about wooden watches and what makes them the current must-have accessory, be sure that you check out the Lux Woods Watches website.

Their watches don’t just look amazing — they’re also sustainably sourced, so you can be sure that you’re giving back to the environment when you shop.

You’re Ready to Style Casual Watches

We hope that this post has helped you to understand there are far fewer rules about how to wear a watch these days.

Now, the focus is on more casual watches that will allow you to express your unique sense of style and show off your personality in the process.

It’s not about how much you’ve spent on your watch — it’s about the level of swagger that you wear it with.

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