How to Find The Best Sports Bra for Any Activity

best sports bra

The quest for the perfect-fitting bra is one that has eluded women throughout history.

According to The Atlantic, the practice of binding one’s breasts goes all the way back to ancient Greece. It wasn’t until 1914, when Mary Phelps Jacobs noticed that her dress for the dance didn’t look quite right on her well-endowed frame, that she strung together handkerchiefs to create a homemade brassiere. Her invention was later granted a patent for the first official bra ever recorded.

That was over a hundred years ago, and females around the world are still trying to find that just-right comfy fabric that’ll lift and support their girls.

Believe it or not, it is possible to find a bra that feels comfortable and flatters, too. And, it’s essential to wear the best sports bra for your figure when hitting the gym.

Read on to learn how to find a bra that (really) fits!

Tips to Find the Best Sports Bra for Your Body

Finding a bra that fits shouldn’t be that difficult. But, millions of women struggle to find one that won’t slip, slide, pouch or pucker when they move and shake.

After all, when you break a sweat while circuit training, you want it to be for the right reasons. There’s no need to let your bra ruin your motivated mindset. But, how can anyone maintain a pleasant mood when their breasts are screaming for help?

If you’re among the many who can’t seem to find a bra that actually works during your workout, these tips might be the solution to end your workout woes. Or, at least ease your worries about your undergarments acting up in barre class.

1. Keep It Contained

It may go without saying but your sports bra shouldn’t be playing peek-a-boo with bits and pieces. There should be no chunks of skin peeping over and under the bra’s elastic.

Some women are under the (wrong) impression that a tight fit creates a lifted look. Or, there’s the misconception that squishing your ladies is supporting them. It’s not.

2. No Puckering

If your sports bra puckers in the front, sides, or back, you need to exchange it for a smaller size. While it shouldn’t cut off your circulation, gym wear shouldn’t feel too baggy, either.

3. Everything Has Its’ Place

Remember the old adage “put everything in its’ place”? Well, it holds true in the bra department, too.

If your breasts are hanging over the top, that full-coverage feature just went out the window. And if you have a handful poking out of the corners of your back, something’s not right.

Breasts should be fully covered by the fabric, and the fit should feel snug, but never stop short of doing its’ job.

4. A Level Line is a Good Sign

When trying on your bra, check the mirror to see how the horizontal bottom strap lines up across your back. If the center tugs upward, you need to go up a size.

The bottom of your brassiere should line up evenly across the entire diameter of your body, front and back.

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