A Simple Guide for How to Wear Rings on Both Hands

how to wear rings

In Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” hit, she admonishes her ex, singing, “you should have put a ring on it”. It meant a lot to her. She danced the routine on video more than 50 times before being happy with the performance.

Rings have meaning depending on which finger you wear them. There are many styles and effects that you can easily create. Read on to learn how to wear rings on both hands.

Left and Right Hand

Western tradition is to wear wedding and engagement rings on the left hand but that’s not true of all cultures. For example, Greek people wear their wedding ring on the right hand. In fact, many Orthodox Christians follow this tradition.

The western tradition suggests that the right hand is used for work, activities, and where manual dexterity is needed. The left hand is thought of as to do with emotion and beliefs. This does not work well for the 10% of the population that is left-handed.

If you intend to wear rings while doing normal daily activities it might be best to wear your less robust rings on your less favored hand. A big statement ring is great for a dinner date but not for a camping trip. There are simple attractive rings that might be more appropriate.

Little Finger

Wearing a ring on your little finger can look fun and cheerful. A wideband works well with your dainty pinky. If you are wearing a wedding band and engagement ring on the left hand a balancing ring on the right pinky works well.

Middle Finger

The middle finger is generally the largest finger on the hand. Wearing a ring on it can get in the way and even lead to damage to the ring. If you would like to wear a ring on this finger try a slim band.

Ring Finger

The ring finger is so named because it is traditionally the one used for wedding bands and engagement rings. Otherwise known as the third finger it immediately communicates your marital status depending on your culture.

It’s conventional to wear both your engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger. Generally, the wedding band is placed on the finger first and the engagement ring on next. Some jewelers such as B.Tiff offer matching wedding bands and engagement rings that complement each other when worn like this.

For more impact and emotional power too, wear an eternity ring with the wedding and engagement ring. The combined sparkle can’t fail to draw the eye. It’s important to find rings that lie on the finger comfortably and attractively.

Index Finger

Make a statement with a larger ring on your index finger. The index finger is very visible. This tends to extenuate the impact of any ring on it.

Royalty tended to wear rings on this finger. The ring might bear a royal seal to mark melted wax seals on documents. It would also denote power and status and be offered to subjects to kiss.

If you wear a ring on this finger you communicate confidence, status, and wealth. Wear a ring on the right-hand index finger to balance the left-hand wedding ring.


A ring on the thumb can be surprisingly comfortable. It’s a little unconventional and even quirky. That might be just the message you would like to communicate.

Statement Rings

Larger rings suggest confidence and a bold character. They work well when worn on a finger with no competition for the limelight. They don’t have to be precious stones and can be any kind of metal.

It’s fine to wear a statement ring on the same hand as your wedding ring but it can balance your rings if you wear it on the right hand. If you don’t wear a wedding ring wearing a statement ring on the index finger on the left or right hand has great impact.

A subtler ring with a precious stone can also make a statement. Consider it for a more formal occasion when you want to dress up more. Wear it alone or wear other less dramatic rings on the other hand.


There are many simple bands in all metals available. Decorated bands also offer exciting opportunities. Combine and layer bands for dramatic dressy effects or informal styles.

Don’t combine too many exactly matching rings but don’t have a chaotic mix of styles either. Try to combine different rings with some common characteristics. This looks less contrived and yet there is a pleasing harmony.

Stackable rings

The fashion for stackable rings is a great opportunity for some self-expression. Wear a number of rings on the same finger. Use rings of the same style and change the order of rings until you get an effect that you like.


A mid-ring is one worn half way up the finger. They can be worn on any finger or even the thumb. It’s really important to find a size that sits comfortably and safely on your finger between the first and second knuckle.

Wear a mid-ring on the same finger as a conventional ring for a variation on the stacking fashion. Try a slimmer version of the band you wear lower down your finger. This even works well with two mid-rings on the same hand.

Spread Them

If you want to wear a number of rings, spreading them across your fingers and hands creates a pleasing effect. With the exception of your wedding and engagement ring, having several rings on one or two fingers close together can appear unbalanced.

Balance Them

When experimenting with rings look at both hands together. Try to achieve a balance between the hands. A subtle, white and rose gold ring, on one hand, doesn’t balance well with gunmetal layering on the other hand.

Remember, wedding and engagement rings can be worn with any other styles on the other hand.

Personality and Style

Your jewelry choice, like your clothes, is about personal style. By all means, follow fashion but don’t be a slave to it. Seek out styles that suit your hands and your overall look.

Jewelry that has a story or a personal meaning for you is special to wear. It’s not just a beautiful object. Wearing grandma’s wedding ring on the ring finger of your right hand can be a touching and a personal remembrance.

How to Wear Rings

If you are not used to wearing rings be aware that any resistance might simply be unfamiliarity.

Work out how to wear rings by starting simply and experimenting with styles. Use both hands and mix and match metals and stones to find what works for you. And for more fashion ideas, click here.