The Most Popular Summer Hair Trends of 2018

hair trends 2018

Looking for a new hairstyle for the summer? Knowing what is trending is important so you can communicate that style to your cosmetologist.

Being current on popular styles is also key to not looking like your favorite 1980s hair metal band–unless, that is, you want to!

We have put together a “hair trends of 2018” list to show off the latest, greatest, and most fashionable styles, cuts, and colors. Keep reading for more information!

Braided Headband

The first style on this list is a simple style requiring only the knowledge of simple braiding and a couple bobby pins. If you attempt this style and find your hair to be too short or uncooperative, there are headbands to purchase that will easily give you this look!

Straight and Sleek

Straight, sleek hair has been popular for a while now. It has been seen on just about every celebrity that walks the red carpet. This look is also easy to recreate with an anti-frizz product, a blowdryer, and a straightener.

To ensure your look red carpet ready, part hair straight down the middle.

If you are unsure of what a great cut, color, or style is in your area, consider researching what is popular in the top fashion destinations of the world. View here to start your search and get an idea of what cities’ style match your personality.

A Sprinkle of Pixie Dust

Pixie cuts are a popular choice once again, back from the 1990s. However, the updated ‘do is typically kept a bit messier for a quick and easy look.

Aside from the easiness of this style, you will enjoy the cool summer breeze blowing on your neck!

Beach Waves and Bedhead

A favorite look of the summer season is definitely the beach wave look. It might require a bit of effort if your hair is naturally straight, but isn’t too difficult.

If you choose to keep your hair on the messier side, it can be considered a ‘chic bedhead’ look. It’s super cute and can be accomplished by rolling out of bed.

For a more polished beach wave look, opt for slicking your hair back behind your ears. Hair that is a bit finer may not stay put but can easily be secured with hidden bobby pins.

Crystal-Colored Hair

For those that want to experiment with color, muted tones are popular. From pale pink to baby blue, or lavender locks, this dye job works best on blondes.

However, a talented colorist can complete this dye job on anyone, even those with jet-black hair.

Natural and Textured

Great news for ladies with beautiful, curly, textured hair! You have the look that women with naturally straight hair are dying for.

Of course, you probably know better than to brush it, and instead, use your fingers or a pick.

A Single Messy Braid

Braids are popular, as well they should be. Throwing your hair into a single messy braid is the epitome of effortless chic.

Keep in mind that the more ‘put together’ and neat the braid is, the more girlish it will look. Leaving it on the messier side and loose will keep it comfortable and stylish.

Silver, Not Grey

As much as people obsessed about dying their hair grey last year–it is still somewhat popular. However, instead of the grey coloring, it is more of a metallic silver.

Keeping the silver metallic is an important part of the look. If you don’t want to fully commit to the look, consider a gloss to give your hair that shine!

Bobs and Bangs

Looking back through your old school pictures, chances are you or one of your best friends had a bob. It is also likely, that you want to burn those pictures.

Don’t fret though, these bobs with a set of trendy fringe bangs have been revamped. This look is great if you are wanting to experiment with shorter hair but aren’t yet ready for a pixie cut.

Top Knots

Calling all women who love to sleep! The top knot that everyone thought was rushed and unpolished… is completely in style. You have the upper hand on this look because of all your previous work.

For people new to this style, it is all about creating a simple look that keeps your hair out of your eyes.

Professional Ponytails

This look isn’t leaving anytime soon. Ponytails are great for going to the gym or a quick errand. However, if you opt for any of these looks, you have a more polished and professional look:

  • Wrapped pony- keeping hair loose is key. Take a section of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic
  • Wavy pony- pull hair back in a sleek pony and add volume and texture with a wide-diameter curling iron
  • Mohawk pony- Dutch braid your hair starting at the crown of your head until the base of your neck. Secure with elastic for an edgy, yet professional look
  • Accessorize the pony- adding a sparkly ribbon intertwined in your hair can make it look like you spent hours when in reality you spent a few quick minutes.

The Lob

The lob is a term for long bob and is super popular among ladies with fine or thin hair. For this style, your hair will be cut so that it skims your shoulders. Adding fringe is also a popular choice.

A bit of volumizer or texturizing spray is key to keep the cut from looking flat.

Hair Trends of 2018: Keep it Simple

The biggest hair trends of 2018 involve keeping your hair simple, yet sleek and polished. Opting for most of these styles and cuts means opting for less time in the mirror and more time having fun (or sleeping.)

One of the most effective ways to ensure your hair looks as amazing as it did when leaving the salon is to buy their products. Using the same hair care products will help you achieve the same results without spending excessive time or effort with hot tools.

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