A Vision Vixen’s Guide to Picking Glasses That Match Your Face Shape

face shapes

As perceptions about glasses change, it’s hard knowing which style of glasses is right for your face shape.

You might not even know there are several face shapes.

If you were made fun of as a kid or called “four-eyes” for wearing glasses, your nerves might take over when faced with choosing new frames.

But you’re in good company.

As of 2015, two out of three adults wear corrective glasses (that’s about 159 million Americans).

It’s time to own your four-eyes identity! Let’s find the perfect glasses for you.

If you’re wondering “what glasses should I get?”, here’s a Vision Vixen’s Guide to Picking Glasses That Match Your Face Shape.

Determine Your Face Shape

Do you know your face shape?

Every face has a unique shape that falls into a few different categories. But sometimes it’s difficult knowing the shape of your own face.

No one’s face fits perfectly into one category. But take a look at a few things to figure out where your face fits:

  1. Square, Round, or Oval?
    Find the widest part of your face. If it’s your jaw, you probably have a “square” face (and that’s not a bad thing!).If it’s your cheekbones, you have a “round” face. Your forehead and jaw are more narrow than your cheeks

    If it’s your forehead, you have an “oval” face.

    But, there’s more to it! Check a couple of other features.

  2. Your Jaw
    Round faces have a round jaw. If you have a square face with a pointy jaw, your face shape is square.But there is one more face shape. if you have a square face (based on the widest part of your face) with a pointed jaw, your face shape is “heart.”
  3. The length of your face.
    You don’t need to measure it! Just eyeball it.If your face is short rather than long, you have a round face. If it’s longer than it is short, you have an oval face.

With this step complete, you’re ready to find the best glasses for your face shape.

A Square Face

You’re in good company with a square face. Famous square faces include Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock.

The width and length of your face are proportional, creating that “square” shape. The shape of your glasses should help your face appear longer than it is.

To get that look, the ideal frame shape for a square face is the cat-eye frame.

The curve of these frames accents the shape of a square face and softens sharp angles. Choose a bright color for your frames for an additional soft touch.

A Round Face

To show off your gorgeous round face, choose square or rectangle frames. You could also wear a retro cat-eye look.

The contrast of the frame’s sharp angles accents the curves in your face. Square or rectangle frames also break up a round face, making it appear longer.

If you have big curvy cheeks, go for “upswept”‘ frames.

The angles in these frames sweep up toward your temple. This perceived movement in your frames draws attention to your eyes and away from the shortness of your face.

An Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck. Just about any frame type looks good on you!

Still, there are a few things worth considering before “blindly” choosing a pair of frames and hoping for the best.

Your best frame styles are rectangle or square, much like the round face options.

Choose a pair that is wider around your eyes to help balance out your face.

But don’t go too big or too wide. You’ll cover too much real estate on your face and cause your pointy chin to seem out of proportion with your forehead.

A Heart Face

With a heart-shaped face, your forehead is wider than your chin.

Avoid adding the appearance of additional width near your forehead when choosing your frames.

Look for frames with a heavier (or wider) bottom than top. This helps draw attention down toward your chin for a more balanced look.

Oval-shaped frames are a good option for heart-shaped faces.

Also, consider the color of your frames. A light color or rimless frames help bring the right proportions to your face.

For Any Face

You might read this and feel overwhelmed by everything to consider when choosing new frames.

Is there one style of frames that are the best glasses for my face?

If you don’t know your face shape, or if your face doesn’t fit into any one shape, it’s ok.

Angular tortoiseshell frames are for you. This style works well for any face.

A light tortoiseshell color goes with almost any hair color and skin tone. The shape is good for any face shape.

If the stress of frame styles and colors is stressful, you’ll be fine with Angular tortoiseshell frames.

Have Fun

Please don’t forget to have fun when choosing your frames!

We no longer dread “having to wear” glasses! Glasses are not a curse into “nerd-dom”.

Needing corrective lenses gives you an opportunity to rock a cute pair of glasses as a fashion accessory. With so many frames out there, your options for a unique look are endless.

And you don’t have to go to a store to shop for your frames!

Shop online and have glasses shipped to your home. Try them for a few days. Return them if you aren’t the perfect frames for your personality.

Sound too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it. Check this out for more info.

Unique Frames for All Face Shapes

Your glasses are an expression of who you are. Celebrate it! Get creative and find unique frames that work for your face shape.

Even with this guide, there are no hard-fast rules for choosing the right frames for different face shapes.

If you struggle with needing to wear glasses, the right frames help you feel better about yourself. We also know a few other ways you can feel better about yourself.

Enjoy your new frames! And be sure you complete your look with the right outfit and jewelry.