13 Foods That Give You More Energy Naturally

foods that give you energy

Every day people feel the energy slump. This is why the coffee industry is worth $100 billion worldwide, and the energy drink market is worth $39 million with a projection to hit $61 billion by 2021.

Most of us reach for cup after cup of caffeine to beat the tiredness. But if you’re tired of relying on energy drinks and coffee to give you the energy you need, don’t worry. We’ve collected a list of the 13 best foods that give you energy throughout the day naturally.

1. Bananas

If you need energy fast, bananas may be your best choice. They are loaded with potassium, vitamin B6, and carbohydrates, which all give you that much needed shot of energy.

Plus, bananas are easy to stick in your bag to eat after a workout. Bananas have a lot of potassium which is also good for muscle function.

2. Fatty Fish

Fish is an excellent source of protein. Try fatty fish such as tuna or salmon. These fatty fish also have lots of fatty acids and B vitamins to give you energy.

Many people take omega-3 supplements to boost energy, which these fatty fish contain lots of omega-3s to burst energy. Plus, these fish have lots of vitamin B12 which helps produce red blood cells along with folic acid. Increased red blood cells help to work iron into the body which helps reduce fatigue.

3. Brown Rice

Brown rice is very healthy for you. It is not as processed as white rice and has more fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

The high amounts of fiber in brown rice help keep the glycemic index low. This means that it can help regulate your blood sugar levels to have a steady stream of energy all day.

4. Sweet Potatoes

If you need an extra boost, look at delicious sweet potatoes. These potatoes have high fiber content along with complex carbs. This means your body digests them slowly to keep your energy steady.

5. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein to give you steady energy. Protein helps keep blood sugar steady without the spikes.

Eggs are also rich in B vitamins. These vitamins aid enzymes with breaking down your food for much-needed energy.

6. Apples

Apples have lots of fiber and natural sugars, which means the energy is released slow and steady. These delicious fruits also are rich in antioxidants to help slow down carbohydrate digestion.

You should eat the apples whole for the full amount of fiber. The juices and purees do not have as much fiber and are ingested quicker.

7. Water

Water is not really food, but it is essential. Your body is 60 percent water, and you need water for nearly all your cellular functions like energy production. Without enough water, you will be dehydrated, which will make you lose your energy.

Drink water even when you are not thirsty. Try drinking water all day. If you feel hungry, take a few sips of water first.

8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal gives you lots of great enduring energy. It has beta-glucan, which delays the stomach from emptying and also absorbing glucose in the bloodstream.

Also, oatmeal has lots of energy-boosting vitamins like vitamin B, manganese, and iron. All these nutrients help your body have a steady energy release.

Whole grains are a good way to start your day because carbs are one of your body’s main sources of energy. These carbs are absorbed slower than processed carbs, so they are not as bad as you think.

9. Yogurt

Yogurt can give your body a punch of energy from protein and lactose. As you can see, steady energy is key, and both of these are absorbed slowly.

Yogurt is a great snack after workouts for quick energy. Be careful to avoid the super sweet, sugar-filled yogurts.

10. Hummus

Hummus is made from sesame seed paste, chickpeas, lemon, and oil. All of these combined are great sources of energy. Chickpeas have lots of fiber and complex carbs.

Sesame seed paste and oil have healthy fats to help you absorb carbs slowly. Enjoy hummus with some veggies for other added energy.

11. Avocados

Avocados are a superfood because they have lots of fiber and healthy fats. They also have lots of B vitamins to help you produce energy. The healthy fats help your body absorb nutrients and store for energy.

Avocados also have a lot of healthy mono-unsaturated fat. This fat is also good for your heart because they reduce bad cholesterol levels.

12. Nuts

Nuts are an easy snack to grab and have lots of carbs, healthy fats, and carbs. They make you full because they release the energy slowly.

Nuts are also full of omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants. The combination of these nutrients helps increase energy and fight inflammation.

13. Beets

Beets are getting more and more popular as people find out how they can help energy and stamina. Beets have antioxidants and nitrates to help improve blood flow.

Nitrates have an increased nitric oxide for increased blood flow to deliver more oxygen to the body. Beets also have lots of good sugars, fiber, and carbs that have the steady energy release.

Thoughts on Foods That Give You Energy

As you can see, there are so many different foods that can help boost your energy. You don’t always have to reach for the caffeine or energy drinks.

You need food with a lot of fiber, protein, and carbs that will release the energy slowly. Try adding the foods above to your diet, and see if you have more energy.

All of these foods are healthy because of their vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. You can also get other health benefits along with improved energy. Starting with these foods is a great place to start if you want more energy throughout the day.

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