8 Questions to Ask Your Local Jeweler Before You Shop

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Finding a reputable local jeweler that you can grow a relationship with is about as special as the reason you’re purchasing jewelry. When opting for a quality piece, you should trust the company you buy from as well as the materials used in creating it.

So, how do you find a jeweler that you can trust?

There are actually a series of questions that you can ask both yourself and the potential jeweler before making any purchase. We’re going to give you a list of those questions and why you should ask them.

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How Did You Find This Jeweler?

This question is one to ask yourself about if you’ve checked their references or if they’ve come recommended from a trusted source.

It’s not uncommon to be a bit uneasy talking to people about their jewels. In that case, consider asking for recommendations on social media.

After you’ve gotten a few trustworthy responses, look that jeweler up on multiple platforms. Read reviews and consider the number of people that ‘like’ their page. This is a good indication of their reputation in town.

Are the Diamonds Certified?

This question won’t matter as much if you’re considering other stones. However, asking this question could tell you about the quality of jewels the store is offering.

The most common and accepted certifications are from the American Gem Society, Gemological Institute of America, and Gemological Science International.

As most people know, there are many stones that are mined inhumanely or unethically. If this is a deciding factor for you, be sure to ask for conflict-free stones.

If stones aren’t your thing, ask to see the stamp on a precious metal item you’d consider. Gold will be marked with a number and the letter ‘k.’ The higher the number, the higher the gold content.

For reference: 10k at least 41.6 percent gold, while 24k is 100 percent gold.

There are also markings for platinum and sterling silver.

Is There a Return Policy?

Choosing to order a customized piece of jewelry may limit your return options. However, if you’re buying something standard such as a strand of pearls, a solitaire diamond ring, or stud earrings, returns could be allowed.

It is a good idea to stay away from jewelers that have overly strict return policies or don’t allow them at all.

Warranties Should Be Considered

Does your local jeweler offer a warranty on the beautiful piece you just purchased? If they don’t, it could be a sign that this company doesn’t stand behind their work.

Warranties shouldn’t be confused for insurance. Having a warranty mainly covers any possible defects in the craftsmanship of the jewelry.

What Other Services Are Offered?

Jewels and precious metals look best when they are clean and can glisten in the light. It is almost impossible to clean a piece of jewelry at home and restore its original luster.

Does your jeweler include cleaning services with the purchase? If not, how much are they?

What about repairs–are they done in-house or sent to another company?

Finally, jewelry appraising is important. Having a jeweler’s appraisal will help get the best insurance for the piece. If insurance isn’t needed, it can at least put a number on how much you’re able to sell it for.

Dealing with Watches

Giving or getting a fancy watch is always exciting. Except when there isn’t a certified dealer to work on it or even remove links to size it.

Just because a jeweler can sell a high-dollar watch, it doesn’t mean they can work on them. The company might be able to take the links out to size the watch to your wrist, but that’s likely it.

Oftentimes, if there is a repair that needs to be done, they aren’t certified to work on it by that particular brand of watch. This means sending the watch off for repairs. While this isn’t a huge deal if you don’t wear it daily, it is an annoyance for those that do.

This might sound odd, but save yourself a few headaches and opt for a jeweler has the ability to work on all of your daily wearables.

Are They Willing to Teach You a Thing or Two?

If you’re spending thousands of dollars on a stone or a piece of jewelry, don’t you want to know why it costs that much?

Typically, the answer is yes.

Aside from the fact that the stone in question is rather large, what else makes it valuable?

When dealing with diamonds, this is measured by the 4 C’s: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Besides the fact that looking at a beautiful stone under a gemological microscope is a cool experience, it can help you see the stone’s worth.

A reputable jeweler will help explain each of the 4 C’s, pointing out the difference and importance of each.

Final Question: Can You Trust This Local Jeweler?

This question is all about you and the feeling you had when you walked into the store. The store might be beautiful and have a wide selection.

The salespeople could be super friendly.

None of that matters if you can’t trust them.

You might be unable to put your finger on why you didn’t like your experience. It may be because you went into the store with a particular idea in mind only to be pointed in the opposite direction.

Maybe the salesperson was constantly harping on more expensive items. Or maybe the jeweler just seemed shady and wouldn’t answer your questions directly.

Whatever the case is, run the other way. There are plenty of jewelers available. Some of the best ones might be online like SuperJeweler while others could just be a town or city over.

Choose Wisely, but Don’t Stress Too Much

Finding a local jeweler isn’t too difficult. Finding one that fits your needs as well a company you can build a relationship with, might be a bit tougher.

Although there is something to be said for using a local company, don’t shy too far away from online sources. Oftentimes, these companies can offer great deals and services.

As for quick cleanings or small repairs, most of them can be done locally. So while choosing a jeweler is almost as important as choosing the jewelry, we hope you don’t stress too much!

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