A Nurse’s Guide to Finding Cute Scrubs for Work

cute scrubs

Scrubs are function-first pieces of clothing. The inventors didn’t think, “hmm, how can we make these cute scrubs?”. They wanted something comfortable and washable, even something you could wear inside out.

We’ve all pulled on scrubs in the middle of the night inside out. Thankfully, people don’t notice.

As many pros as scrubs have, they can make you feel like you’re wearing a potato sack. A very medical potato sack.

So how do you look cute in scrubs? You have to put some effort into finding the right ones. Patterned scrubs aren’t just for pediatric nurses. You can find scrubs in colors and cuts appropriate even if you work in a sophisticated clinic.

Learn more about how to make cute scrubs work for you below.

The Fit

There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting piece of clothing. It can make you feel bad about yourself, even change your mood entirely.

If you feel fat or lumpy, you’re not going to be your happy bubbly self. Even the most self-secure people have bad body image or bad outfit days.

Combat this by looking for scrubs in different cuts. Take your measurements and figure out the right size range for your body.

Are you petit? That’s a whole sub-section of scrubs. They’re made in shorter torso and leg lengths that work with your proportions.

On the other side of the spectrum, you shouldn’t have to worry about feeling squeezed in. Scrubs that look or feel too small are uncomfortable, mentally and physically.

When you shop for scrubs, take the time to discover more personalized sizing ranges. You may not feel like you need a “plus-size” label, but it may be more comfortable on your bust.

Don’t let the words keep you from finding the perfect fit.

After you find the right size, look for a flattering cut. Most of us can get away with a v-neck scrub option. The V doesn’t go very low, so it’s still appropriate for work.

The V neck brings attention to your face and makes your neck appear longer. Aka, you look better.

Look for cute scrubs with structure, like darts or shape under the breast. Don’t buy scrubs that are the same shape up and down.

Cute Scrubs: Colors

Have you ever heard your mom or grandmother talk about being a “season color”? Like, “Oh I can’t wear that, I’m a summer”.

While you can and should wear whatever you want, there is some truth in this season color theory. Based on your skin tone some colors look better with your skin.

The best way to tell what your colors are is to do the warm/cold color test. Find a vein (you’re a nurse!) and look at the color under artificial light, then outside.

What color does the vein appear? You’re testing yourself for warm, cool, or neutral undertones.

Look back at that vein. Is it more blue or green? If it looks blue, you have cool undertones.

If it looks greenish, you have warm undertones. You’re seeing your blue blood through the lens of your yellow toned skin.

Other Tests

If you can’t tell by looking at your veins, think about the type of jewelry you wear. What looks better on you? Gold or silver?

Gold is a warm tone, which looks best on warm skin colors. Silver is a cool tone, which looks best on cool skin.

Remember this isn’t the jewelry you like, it’s what makes the skin around it look glowy and natural.

Dress to Your Color

If you want to employ the cool-warm color scheme to your wardrobe, the top matters more than the bottom.

At some establishments, you can only wear different scrub shirts, so this is a good way not to change up the whole set.

Your shirt is closest to your face, so the color of your shirt matters more in terms of skin tone flattery.

Here’s a guide to warm and cool colors.

Warm Colors:

  • Warm yellows
  • Reds
  • Pinks
  • Oranges
  • Browns
  • Off-whites (like cream)
  • Redder-than blue purples

Cool Colors

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Bright Purple
  • Bright Pink
  • White
  • Black

Cute Scrubs: Patterns

Yes, they make scrubs in all the patterns you can think of. Disney licensed scrubs with the latest movie characters, superheroes, food types, the choices are endless.

Ask your employer what they’re okay with. Can you get away with something wild like leopard print? Or should you stick to something simple like polka dots?

Maybe all they’re willing to do is say you can wear charcoal grey instead of black. In the end, it’s up to them.

If you have full range to express yourself, don’t overdo it with the pattern. Only wear a patterned top, don’t go for a whole pattern suit.

Find one obvious color in the top and match it to your pant color. That’s how you know the combination will match.

No Cute Scrubs

Let’s say your employer won’t let you get away with different colors or patterns. What can you do to still be a cute scrubs nurse?

You can bring your colors or patterns in via accessories. Can you have a cute lanyard you keep your badge on? What about enamel pins?

They make headbands and surgical caps in all sorts of patterns as well. You could even wear crazy socks as a secret tribute to your personality.

There are always ways to express yourself, even when you have a strict uniform.

You have to feel good in your own skin and in what you wear when you’re at work. How are you going to care for other people when you don’t feel like caring about yourself?

That’s what we’re about at Sofia’s Beauty Boutique. We want you to be the happiest, healthiest, and most beautiful version of yourself you can be.

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