Top 5 Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend This Year

gifts to get your boyfriend

Buying gifts for guys is either the simplest thing in the world or the hardest task on your to-do list. Some guys are easy to please – you can tell exactly which gift will make them happy or they aren’t afraid to tell you what they want in a straightforward manner. Others are as complicated as girls!

The latter is usually the guy who seems to already have everything. You know, the one who’s seen the world, read the best books of the year, and has all the equipment necessary for his favorite hobbies.

It’s hard to identify what else he could possibly need. But, sometimes, the best ideas for gifts to get your boyfriend are right in front of you. You don’t have to overcomplicate the shopping process for your guy.

Here are the top 5 gifts of the year any man will love.

1. A New Wardrobe

Take a second to consider your boyfriend’s style. Is it all over the place or does he have a clear sense of fashion? Either way, you can use that to your gift-buying advantage.

The man who dresses super laid-back one day and pretty preppy the next needs a little bit of guidance. He knows what looks good on him, but not what reflects who he is. Get him a few new t-shirts and matching bottoms to help point his style in the right direction.

Just be sure not to put your boyfriend in a box of what you want him to dress like, rather than what he would actually feel the most comfortable in. Then, there’s the man who already has this figured out.

There’s no reason you can’t add to what seems to be a complete wardrobe! Sure, men with a clear sense of fashion have all the right shoes, shirts, and jeans for their style. But, it doesn’t hurt to add something new to the mix for them to easily incorporate into various outfits.

When in doubt, choose a seasonal item if your boyfriend’s birthday is at the start of summer or winter. Get him a fresh swimsuit for all your summer adventures or a super cool leather jacket to layer with. Make sure you learn more about the various jacket cuts and styles to find the best one for him.

2. Cool Accessories

Maybe you’ve been dating your man for a while and you want to get him something more than a few t-shirts. Maybe it’s a little early and you don’t want to seem like the type who tells him what to wear.

For both situations, a cool accessory will do the trick. Think about how your boyfriend carries his cash around or the kind of watch he wears. A new wallet is a simple gesture for new relationships that can go a long way.

On the other hand, you may be serious enough to consider spending some serious cash on a fancy new watch. Don’t break the bank to get this if it’s out of your price range. But, if there’s a watch he’s been eyeing that you can afford, get it!

Other great accessories for guys include a new tie, a pair of sunglasses, or even cufflinks for the man who’s always in a suit. There’s bound to be something missing (or that needs replacing) in his wardrobe, you just have to be creative about finding it.

3. Something Sentimental

As cool as new clothes and accessories are, they don’t always have much value. Think about it: there’s the financial amount you spend on a gift, and then there’s how much it will actually mean to your boyfriend. No matter what you get him, a gift should always have plenty of sentimental value.

The interesting thing about this is that such gifts tend to be pretty affordable, and they light up his special day like nothing else can. Some of the top sentimental things to get your boyfriend include:

  • framed picture(s) of you two
  • a keepsake from your first date or most recent anniversary
  • a hand-written love letter

In addition to these options, don’t underestimate what something as simple as a home-cooked meal or a little bit of special birthday attention can do.

4. A Surprise Getaway

Sentimental gifts often represent the amazing memories you’ve already had with someone or how thankful you are for them overall. If you want to take such a gift idea to the next level, though, buy your boyfriend a gift that allows you to create new memories together.

Have the two of you been talking about taking a road trip for months now? Has he been saying he’d like to go visit his family in another state or check out a certain city for the first time?

These aren’t necessarily birthday hints, but there’s no reason not to turn them into birthday gifts! Pick a weekend in your calendar when you both are free and set the plans. Buy the plane tickets to give him on his birthday or give him a small token (like a keychain or postcard) to tell him where your road trip will lead you to.

5. A Surprise Party

Last but not least on the list of cool gifts for men who have everything, a surprise party. At the end of the day, people just want to be celebrated on their special day. Your love and affection are enough, but having a room filled with many people your man is close to is even better.

Tell him you’re going out to dinner and take him to a friend’s house instead. Say you want to keep things simple and stay in, then have everyone show up early and hide.

Whatever way you plan the party, keep the most important surprise planning rules in mind. First, clearly set the time and place so everyone is on the same page and the surprise isn’t spoiled. Second, keep your cool when the big day comes so your boyfriend doesn’t suspect a thing.

The Best Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend for Any Occasion

It’s hard to shop for the man who seemingly has it all or the one you’ve already spent many a birthday with. But, it’s not impossible!

The perfect gift for your boyfriend is out there, and sometimes, it’s the thing you least expect that puts the biggest smile on his face. If you aren’t sure what to get him this year for Christmas or your anniversary is quickly approaching, use the birthday gifts to get your boyfriend ideas above to help you.

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