5 Amazing Tips for How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

how to prepare for a photoshoot

Knowing how to prepare for a photo shoot can mean the difference between picture-perfect success and total frustration.

You want your final photos to look good, especially since you’re paying good money for them. But it’s not just up to the photographer to give you frame-worthy photos.

Much of the success of your photo shoot depends on how you look, the clothes you wear, the location you choose, and the time of day of the shoot.

Let’s look at five key ways you can prep for your upcoming photo shoot to give you pictures you’ll be proud of.

How to Prepare for a Photoshoot in Five Easy Steps

Every photo shoot is as unique as the people in the camera lens. We’ve made it easy to create the best possible photos with a five-step preparation process:

Step 1 – Choose Your Clothes Wisely

For the best photos, choose clothes that flatter your figure and provide plenty of contrast to its surroundings. Knowing the backdrop ahead of time can help you plan your wardrobe so you can stand out.

A good rule is to avoid busy patterns, logos, or styles that could distract from your face.

Also, make sure you choose clothes that don’t wrinkle easy. You might consider changing on site to ensure you look fresh and crisp for your photo shoot.

Step 2 – Treat Your Skin Well

It’s best to avoid any harsh skincare treatment a day or two prior to a photoshoot. Facial waxes can leave the skin red for a day or longer, something you don’t want to appear in your photo.

Also, avoid any new facial treatments that could make your skin break out or not look its best. For photoshoots, it’s best to stick with a tried-and-true skincare regimen.

Granted, some photographers can photoshop your skin to look flawless regardless of how it looks in real life. But this can add an extra charge to your bill or delay getting your pictures.

Step 3 – Bring Lip Balm

Moist lips always look better in photos. Even if your lips aren’t chapped, it’s a good idea to brush on some gloss or balm just prior to the photoshoot.

Lip balm will help your lips avoid drying out when smiling. Plus, you get a healthy glow that makes you look happy.

Step 4 – Work With Your Photographer

If you’re using a commercial portrait photographer (or any other photographer), work out any details of the shoot ahead of time.

Communicate the type of photos you want and the goals you want to achieve. This can help the photographer better prepare so you can make the best use of your time.

Step 5 – Eat a Snack Prior to the Photoshoot

Never come to a professional photoshoot hungry. Even a small snack can help you stay focused and give you more energy.

Try to avoid any snacks that will affect your teeth (e.g. chocolate, soda, etc).

Enjoy Your Photos for Years to Come

Knowing how to prepare for a photoshoot before picture day can save you plenty of hassle and headaches. Our process helps you stress less so you can focus on having fun.

Be happy, be healthy, be You – visit our blog for more ways to improve life’s experiences.