How to Wear Jewelry to Perfectly Compliment All of Your Outfits

how to wear jewelry

You could have the perfect outfit all set up: a new skirt with a favorite top, a vintage sundress, a leather jacket with Converse, etc. But, no outfit is truly complete without accessories.

With necklaces, anklets, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more, it can be overwhelming when trying to match jewelry to outfits. Knowing how to wear jewelry, and wear it well, is almost an art form.

But with a little guidance, anyone can become an accessorizing master. We’ve got some of the best tips for you if you want to learn how to match jewelry to your outfits to enhance your overall look. Keep reading to learn more!

Match Statements With Neutrals (and Vice Versa!)

Two of the biggest jewelry trends are essentially opposites. On one hand, you have large statement pieces like statement necklaces, large earrings, huge rings, etc. On the other hand, you have extreme minimalist jewelry like delicate chains, small pinky rings, and tiny studs.

The key with these very different pieces is to pair them with appropriate outfits. A loud outfit with bright colors, extravagant jackets, or busy patterns, is best paired with simple accessories.

A simple outfit made up of mostly basics and clean, minimalist looking clothes, looks great paired with statement jewelry. A large necklace, huge earrings, and chunky bangles look great with this kind of outfit.

Balancing the “statements” with the “basics” is a great way to start learning how to wear jewelry.

Go with a Few Classic Pieces

We already mentioned how overwhelming the world of accessorizing can be. Between all the different kinds of accessories (rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc) as well as all of the different styles of accessories (modern, vintage, statement, minimal, gold, silver, diamond, etc), it’s hard to know where to start.

If you’re just getting into the world of jewelry, your best bet is to get a few classic pieces of jewelry that will match many different kinds of outfits. Think diamond rings, simple silver necklaces, pearl earrings, etc.

Learn more about classic jewelry options on Super Jeweler’s website. Their website outlines most of the classic categories of jewelry to make things simple for you.

Pair Jewelry with Outfit Accents

Now it’s time to start getting a little fancier than simple classics. Start looking at the accents of your outfit and matching your jewelry to that.

For example, let’s say your top has rose gold accents in it. Try to wear rose gold accessories to match those accents. Or perhaps the shoes you’re wearing are green. You could pair that with green gemstone jewelry like emerald or peridot.

Look for the little details of your outfit and match your jewelry to those. Not only will it make your jewelry match your outfit, but it will make those accents in your outfit pop a little bit more.

Don’t Go Overboard with Accessories

A rookie mistake of new accessorizers is that they wear way too many. We’ve all seen someone wearing what’s probably every piece of jewelry they own; it usually looks tacky and overdone.

For one outfit you should pick two or three key pieces to enhance your outfit. Any more than that will distract from your overall look and make you look weighed down by jewelry.

Color Matters

As with clothing, jewelry colors and materials can clash and make an outfit look strange. You probably wouldn’t match a pea green coat with orange knee socks, so why would you do the same with jewelry?

A lot of jewelry is colored, whether it’s with gemstones, paint, different color metals, or even cloth accessories. And just like certain clothing colors don’t go together, the same is true for jewelry.

Be aware of the colors in your outfit when matching different color accessories.

Match the General Feel of the Outfit

If you’re wearing a super modern outfit, it wouldn’t look quite right to throw on a vintage statement necklace, would it? When pairing jewelry with outfits, you should think about the overall aesthetic that you’re going for.

Do you want a vintage inspired look? What about a bright and colorful 80s outfit? A casual, running to the store look?

Each of these different outfits should get different accessories. While the 80s outfit would look great with loud lightning bolt earrings, those same earrings would look odd when paired with a vintage sundress.

Think about the look of the outfit and the look of the jewelry before pairing them together.

Consider Neckline, Sleeve Length, Shoe Height, Et Cetera

Besides the actual look and aesthetic of the clothes, you should consider the physical qualities of the clothes since this will determine what types of jewelry will look good with the outfit.

For example, if you’re wearing a turtleneck sweater, a choker is not going to be the best choice. Tall boots aren’t the best to pair with an anklet, either.

Those are some pretty obvious examples of things not to do, but it illustrates the general point.

If you’re wearing a deep v-neck top, that would pair well with a long plunging necklace. Short sleeve blouses pair well with chunky bangles on your wrist. Capris allow you to wear anklets.

Think about the physical attributes of your clothes when pairing jewelry with outfits, as this can determine which accessories will look good, and even which accessories you can physically wear with certain outfits.

How to Wear Jewelry with Every Outfit: Wrapping Up

No outfit is truly complete without the right jewelry and accessories. Knowing which things pair well with different outfits is tough at first, so hopefully, these tips can help you as you learn how to wear jewelry with each of your outfits.

Practice makes perfect, so be sure to switch up your outfits and try new combinations! If you want more beauty and style tips, check out our other articles. You can also contact us if you have any specific questions.