Natural Cold Remedies: Cure Your Cold WIthout Medication

natural cold remedies

When you woke up in the morning, everything was fine. As your day went on you noticed you were a little tired but didn’t think anything of it.

As it gets closer to bedtime, you start to get achy. You stretch and maybe take a bath, thinking you slept wrong or worked out too hard.

You go to bed and wake up feeling like you got hit by a truck. Turns out, you were getting a cold.

You don’t have any cold medicine on hand and you need some natural cold remedies.

Don’t worry your sick head another minute, we’ve gathered the best solutions below.

Natural Cold Remedies

First thing first, get some fluids in your body. Your mom was right that you need fluids when you’re sick, they help everything work better on the cellular level.

Once you’ve had a glass of water, look through your cupboards for the following remedy ingredients.


Honey is magic. It’s the only food product on earth that never goes bad, you could eat honey from the dawn of time if you found it.

Why? It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The fact that its delicious is just a perk.

The soothing, thick, sweet texture of honey helps soothe a sore throat from coughing or drainage. To use Honey to your benefit, heat up some water.

While your water is heating, find a lemon and ginger (tea or raw) if you have some. Put them all in a cup (about a tablespoon of honey) and squeeze the lemon.

Pour the hot water over and let it sit while you make yourself something for breakfast. Even if you don’t feel like eating your body needs energy to fight off the germs!

Then drink your honey and lemon tea. Sip slowly and let the honey coat your throat. It will warm you up and return a little feeling of humanity to your sick body.

Repeat this in the middle of the day, if you can. Then again before bed. Research shows that honey can help you sleep, even though it’s a dose of sugar. Go figure.

Drink Echinacea

Any cold-care or respiratory tea you get will have echinacea in it. This ancient herb has treated infections for over 400 years.

Thanks to Native Americans, we now know it’s a useful ingredient in cold-helping teas.

The flavonoids in echinacea help boost your immune system. They can also reduce inflammation, maybe helping you get an extra breath through your stuffy nose.

You can even start drinking echinacea when you feel a cold coming on, or when you’re weirdly achy. Some studies show it can reduce the likelihood that a cold takes root.

You can take one or two grams of echinacea (two to three tea packets usually) up to three times a day for a week. Then, you need to let your body get back to its own devices.

Vitamin C & D

So you’re having your tea, you’ve got some packets to go if needed and you’re feeling a little better. What’s next?

You need some immune-boosting vitamin C. You can get a dose in lozenges or use a Vitamin C packet like EmercenC.

These packets mix into water and are bubbly, so careful shaking them up. The vitamin C is like a Redbull for your hardworking white blood cells.

It gives them the boost they need to keep fighting the germs out of your body.

Vitamin D you can get from the sun, from fish, and from supplements. If you don’t feel like eating fish, take a blanket and go sit out in the sun.

You’ll feel the warm glow on your skin and you’re giving your body sips of this essential nutrient. Don’t stay too long though, sun exposure is still a thing!

Take a Tincture

If you frequent Whole Foods, you know there’s a whole section of homeopathic medicine. They have liquids and oils meant to help your immune system.

Our favorite is Kick-Ass Immune, but you’ll have to choke the stuff down. It has echinacea and bear root, which are quite bitter.

Dropping the dose into the back of your throat helps, followed by some water or tea. Take the dosage three or four times a day, directions are on the bottle.

Eucalyptus Oil Shower

Now that you’ve spent your day drinking strange concoctions, take a hot shower. Close the door as the shower starts to heat up, you don’t want to miss any steam.

For extra credit, stuff the crack under the door with a towel so no steam escapes there either.

Then, take a bottle of eucalyptus oil and put a few drops on the walls of your shower. Try to stay in the shower for about ten minutes or longer if that’s your jam.

Take deep breaths and make the water as hot as feels comfortable for you. Don’t burn yourself, but the more steam the better!

When you get out of the shower, blow your nose as many times as you can. Blow deep and long, the eucalyptus helps open up your sinuses.

Get Some Sleep

Of all these natural cold remedies, none are as important as getting enough rest. Your body does restorative processes as you sleep, including giving your immune system a shift-change, so to speak.

The more you sleep, the better your body will do kicking that nasty cold out of your system. When you wake up, repeat whatever steps you felt like helped the day before.

You’ll get through this cold, even though it feels more terrible than it is, in the scheme of things.

Once you’re through the worst of it or you’re laying in bed needing distraction, check out our blog. We cover everything from teaching kids confidence to the benefits of green tea.

It’ll give your brain something to do while your body starts feeling better!