10 Simple Ways to Feel More Sexy and Confident

sexy and confident

A survey taken across thirteen countries and given to almost 14,000 women and girls revealed some alarming statistics.

The results? 87% of women and 79% of girls say they opt out of important life activities on purpose. It isn’t because of illness, perse. But rather, because these women and girls do not feel good about what they look like.

Sometimes, you feel in a rut. If you want help feeling more sexy and confident: scroll on to learn ten simple ways to boost yourself up.

1. How to Feel Sexy and Confident 101: Touch Your Skin Often

After taking a hot shower, take time to massage your body with lotion. This should not be a process you rush through. Moisturizing is an important part of your glowing skin regiment.

Many natural health advocates believe that taking care of your skin is an essential part of self-care. Many believe that getting rid of dry skin helps reduce toxins. It also may help fight against cellulite.

2. How to Feel Sexy Again? Change Up Your Routine

Almost two in five women wear makeup every day. But it is easy to get into a routine.

Many women wear the same types of outfits every day. They never change their hair up or how they do their makeup.

Try a new eyeliner or lip color. Or, if you usually go for a more natural look, take an extra five minutes to primp yourself that day. A little bit of extra mascara can go a long way.

3. Nothing Makes You Feel Sexy Like New Lingerie

When is the last time you spent money on a great bra? Face it; you have to wear one almost every day. You may as well invest money in some good ones.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it can make a huge difference to have the right undergarments on. They are the foundation for every outfit you wear. They can also make you start to feel sensual and sexy in your work clothes.

4. Go Au Naturel!

Some days, less is more. If you wake up early every day to do your daily routine, and it includes doing your hair and makeup, try skipping it one day!

That tousled untamed hair and glowing skin can bring out your animalistic side!

5. Hit the Gym!

Working out has several benefits to your daily life. Yes, it can help you lose weight and lower stress.

But working out releases endorphins. Endorphins help make you feel happier. And endorphins can lead to a boost in your confidence.

6. Plan a Girls’ Night Out!

Sometimes we get so caught in the roles we have. The role of a mother and a wife. The roles we have at work.

Sometimes, the perk your confidence needs is a reminder that you are more than the roles you play every day. One of the best ways to do that is to spend a night out with your girls.

Spending time with your friends will remind you of who you are. It can revive your spirits.

Bonus: your girlfriends will remind you of how amazing you are.

7. How to Be Sexier in Five Minutes: Look in the Mirror

Women so often stare into their mirror and look at their perceived imperfections. They focus on how much they hate their thighs. They pay attention to things they give names like muffin tops and love handles.

Put on your favorite outfit and stand in front of a full-length mirror. Do not look for the things you hate. But look for the things you like.

Look for things about yourself that you enjoy. If this is hard for you to do, start with something small. It can be the color of your eyes or your haircut.

Try doing this every day for a couple of minutes so that you can build up your confidence.

8. Disconnect From The World

We are often fed photoshopped images. Through our phones, computers, and tablets, we see images of women and men who are computer made.

Take a little while to disconnect. It could be for only thirty minutes or an hour. Or it could be for a whole Saturday morning.

Instead of going on social media and comparing your lives to others, take this time for self-care.

Take a nap. Read a book. Tuning out the world every now and again is a good practice to better yourself.

9. Change up Your Scent

Sometimes an easy way to feel sexy is by changing up your scent. There could be a scent you’ve worn in the past that reminds you of a sexy night you had.

You should also try a different scent palette to boost your confidence. If you wear floral scents, try going with a muskier scent.

Perfumes can also be an aphrodisiac for several people. So, there is an added bonus there.

10. Sleep in the Buff

Just because you are going to bed, doesn’t mean you cannot feel sexy.

Take a shower a little bit before bed. Then exfoliate and put some lotion on. Skip the pajamas and skip the nightgown.

Sleeping in the nude is not only great for summer heat. It also helps you become more comfortable in your skin. And who does not want that?

Feeling Sexy and Confident in Your Everyday Life

Being sexy and confident in your day to day life can be challenging. But it is important that you take time every day to do things for yourself.

Make sure you to do things for yourself both big and small.

Buy yourself a new bra or bottle of perfume. Sleep in the nude and spend some time praising yourself in the mirror. Make sure to make time for your friends and for yourself.

Whatever it is that will help you, do it. Self-care is not selfish. It is essential, and it will make your day to day life a little bit easier.